Allergy season houston texas

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allergy season houston texas

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  • Runny noses and itchy throats are just the consequences when the human body responds to a normal part of nature, said Dr. Sanjiv Sur, an allergy specialist at the Baylor Texas of Medicine.

    Houston has three main allergy seasons, according to public health experts. Pollen counts begin to rise in January when trees start flowering and spike throughout the spring.

    By the end of spring and early summer, grass pollen starts to tickle lungs allergy to the warm and humid weather.

    In the late summer and early fall, ragweed pollen returns season a vengeance. All three seasons last for two to three months, or however long it takes for the city to slide into the extreme cold that comes for maybe two weeks during the winter months.

    Although the extreme cold might not houston much for irritating air pollution.

    February 13, , PM EST. Feb 13, ; PM ET Spring is almost here, and that means allergy season is too. Find out how to keep your. Mar 09,  · In Houston, allergy season begins in January with tree pollen and continues on to September due to the short winter season in local areas. Houston's common tree pollen creators include: Cedar Elm. Ash. Elm. Pecan. Cedar. Oak. Pine. Hackberry. Any one of these can cause allergy symptoms in individuals who are allergic. MoldAuthor: Patricia Leonard, MD. Allergy Tracker gives pollen forecast, mold count, information and forecasts using weather conditions historical data and research from Allergy Tracker Houston, TX. Tree Pollen.

    The Houston Chronicle wants to simplify that for you. What are things you need to know how to do, Houston? You can find me on Twitter houstno gwendolynawuor by email at gwendolyn.

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    texas Two forces of nature will help allergy sufferers: the arrival of rain, season briefly washes away accumulated pollen, texxas the dip in temperatures in Allergy and December. Juniper trees also cause houston for Houston residents during the spring.

    They cause congestion, sneezing and watery nasal discharge in people allergic. Another tree, the Box Elder, creates allergens in Houston.

    allergy season houston texas

    January through May is when its in season. This tree is a common maple species that is all over the U.


    The Box Elder tree pollen is abundant during the springtime and out of all tree pollens, it has houton highest allergenicity levels. Allergic people may suffer with symptoms such as:. Those allergic tesas also suffer with skin reactions like itchiness, pain and rash if the pollen comes in contact with their skin.

    Oak is prevalent during the spring and is yet another Houston area common allergen. It causes itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, cough and a runny nose. Birch trees are gaining popularity increasing Birch allergies. This allergen can mimic flu or cold symptoms, but you don't get the fever. If you're suffering houstn unexplained nasal and eye allergy symptoms, Birch could be the culprit.

    Avoiding allergens is usually the first recommendation to manage allergy symptoms, however, this can often be difficult.

    Houston Health Department - Pollen and Mold

    Some allergy prevention tips may include:. Stay away from allergen hot spots. For example, if you have mold allergies, avoid areas with a high possibility of mold like attics, neighborhoods with debris or leafy and shady areas.

    Manage dog or cat allergies by brushing and bathing your pet at least once a week.

    New to Texas? Learn About Common Seasonal Texas Allergies

    When handling or cleaning your pet or when cleaning out the cat litter box, wear a face mask. You may season want to have another person do houston jobs. Reduce airborne animal dander with HEPA air filters. Get rid of items like stuffed animals, draperies, carpeting or upholstered furniture in the bedrooms.

    Avoid irritant exposure like fumes, chemicals, texas pollution and tobacco smoke. These can worsen your allergic reactions. Presently, no studies have actually shown true relief with prevention and avoidance allergy. Because of the allergic rhinitis prevalence, many people seek medical therapy help such as:. Antihistamine medications are easily accessible over the counter without a prescription.

    allergy season houston texas

    They work by blocking the histamine that inflammatory cells release from its receptor season an allergy response. You'll allergy find antihistamines that won't make you drowsy like the older generation medications did.

    Intranasal steroids help relieve nasal congestion and allergy be combined simultaneously with antihistamines. If you are allergic to that substance, the houston is generally a raised, red lump at the site of the scratch. The doctor can gauge how severe the allergy is according to the intensity of the reaction. Pollen counts are generally reported texas given periods, typically 24 hours.

    The National Allergy Bureau maintains a website which makes it easy to keep track of allergy counts. These days also, hiuston stations and weather forecasts include pollen counts texas with humidity, predicted rainfall, and hours of sunshine. Make it a regular habit texas check up on current pollen houston so you can season whether you are in particular danger alpergy an allergic reaction.

    Being forewarned means you can take appropriate action to ward off the worst effects. Also, avoid the temptation to throw open the windows as this just lets more pollen into the house. It seems counterintuitive when the weather is nice, but keeping the windows closed and air-conditioning running ensures houston little pollen can get in. Bear in mind that pollen season also enter the house on clothes and pets.

    Understanding pollination cycles can help you avoid the worst times of day to be out and about. Early mornings allfrgy particularly hazardous, since most plants pollinate between 5am and 9am.

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      Book an Assessment. If you live in Houston, there are several allergens you will want to be aware of. Knowing what you are allergic to and how to treat them can help you deal with the problem.

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      Those sniffles and watery eyes you thought would end soon? Runny noses and itchy throats are just the consequences when the human body responds to a normal part of nature, said Dr.

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      Allergy season is bad each year in Houston. And, according to Houston Chronicle article, Dr. It's really about to what degree of severity it is.

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      The National Institutes of Health estimates that around 35 million Americans have pollen allergies. For many sufferers in this part of the country it adds up to a long stretch of allergy misery. SignatureCare Emergency Center is here to help you fight the pollen season.

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