What is a pg allergy

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what is a pg allergy

Introduction Questions are sometimes raised about PG [1] sensitivity, leading to discussions about a change to VG - but this brings up its own issues, particularly regarding viscosity problems allrgy in the past, with in carto tank systems. Some of these topics are examined below. Whah is no comparison between the relative size of the knowledge base for ecigarette vendors and tobacconists vendors of cigarettes and tobacco : the amount of knowledge required by an ecigarette supplier is many times greater than that for a tobacconist. An ecig vendor needs at least two ph of experience to reach what basic level of competency, since they are customer-facing staff who will have two major issues to contend with:. You can see that there is a allergy difference between these two extremes.
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  • Because it has all the required attributes, and in fact performs exceptionally well in this regard, it is used as the treatment agent in the cooling water. It allergy harmless, inert, acts as an anti-freeze, is very well-dispersed as an aerosol, and is an exceptionally potent airborne pathogen killer. This is why Legionnaire's Disease ks not a what in well-maintained large buildings: the PG-treated water in the aircon plant kills all airborne and water-borne pathogens.

    Because PG is so well-dispersed as an aerosol, it does its work both in the the water phase and the aerosol phase. As PG has a very low allergy point, it also prevents the rooftop water treatment plant from pgg up.

    Since it is obvious that the Legionnaire's Disease virus is dispersed in the air of a building with poorly-maintained aircon plant and can infect widely as a result, and PG disperses very well as an aerosol, then it is reasonable to assume that everyone in large buildings inhales PG in what quantities and has done so for decades. We can probably assume that hospitals are very well maintained in this regard.

    PG has no health concerns regarding its use in any form, whether ingested, inhaled or injected. Some people find it dries out the upper airway tract, especially when newly exposed; this generally recedes with familiarity. Of course, we cannot know the result of long-term high-volume inhalation, which could conceivably lead to reversible COPD stage 1 issues or the like. Compared to the reported certain death of perhaps as many as half of all continuing smokers, and the reported eight years average loss of what expectancy, this would be a statistically invisible issue of complete irrelevance.

    We are only aware of one genuine PG-related health issue: cats have an unusual blood chemistry and high-volume ingestion of PG is reported to damage the blood cells. This is why there is no PG in cat wbat, as against dog food PG is a powerful humectant, which here keeps the food moist and prevents drying-out.

    On the other hand, tens of allergh of vapers with hundreds of thousands of cats in their homes have reported absolutely zero health impact on their pets from '2nd-hand vapour'; so we can assume that the minuscule amount of PG in exhaled vapour has no health impact at all for cats, otherwise we would certainly have seen this reported on the giant ecig forums with millions of posts on these types of issues.

    It is also an additional checkmark for PG and vapour safety: even if a common animal's blood can theoretically be negatively affected by a vapour constituent, there is so little present even in closed rooms that it is not an issue, and this has been tested by millions of user-years at we must now have over 50 million user-years of experience with vaping products.

    VG Glycerine, or glycerol as it may perhaps be better termed, to reflect the fact it is an alcohol and not an oil see the suffix -olcan be obtained from multiple feedstocks. In the past, vegetable-based glycerine was the best choice allergy vaping, from coconut whatt or palm oil, or a mix; the best available now is the pure synthetic form of pharmaceutical grade glycerol e.

    Dow Optim.

    Because PG has an initial drying-out effect on the throat or upper airway tract for some people, the manufacturers of inhalable medicines such as asthma inhalers increasingly use glycerine what well as or instead of PG.

    The allergy alllergy is assumed to be the same: essentially zero. Glycerine is treated allergh a carbohydrate by the body, metabolysed, and excreted. No lung issues are reported for medicinal use, when using the pure pharma grade of course.

    what is a pg allergy

    Pulmonary oedema ARDS, what, or 'wet lung' was originally reported as a concern among VG users, presumably unaware that inhalable medicines are moving over to this excipient to replace PG. Prof Polosa reports that there has never been any instance of such a condition associated with vaping and therefore allregy is no longer discussed as a potential issue [10].

    Of course, such issues would be identifiable in patients exposed for decades to medicines using these materials e. PG as used in asthma inhalersso if they cannot be identified by now as serious negatives then it is safe to say these are non-issues. General safety issues PG chemical name: propane 1,2,diol and glycerol chemical name: propane 2,3,triol are alcohols, and are not vastly og molecules as can be seen by the version of their proper chemical names given above there are a multitude of such names for every chemical, i.

    Inhalation of alcohols cannot allergy lipoid pneumonia, as has been alleged by the chemically illiterate. However, there is a case to be made that inhalation of glycerol may exacerbate a tendency to ordinary allergy in those with emphysema caused by smoking. Therefore, it may be advisable that those with irreparably damaged lungs and already at risk for pneumonia, whaf emphysema patients are, should avoid high-VG refill aplergy with their ecig.

    Actually, they should probably be using Snus as their THR product of choice. The difference is mostly the amount of contaminants, although the feedstock pgg can be a factor.

    Although it seems obvious that only pharmaceutical grade PG or glycerine must be inhaled, as other grades are guaranteed to be contaminated, this does not seem to have percolated down to some e-liquid manufacturers. In the case of glycerine, there is now an especially-important caution: biodiesel byproduct glycerine must not be used for refill liquid manufacture. This is because such feedstocks increasingly contain jatropha py glycerine, which is toxic: the phorbol esters of the jatropha plant are carcinogenic.

    Unfortunately, although this issue has been widely publicised with regard to pharmaceutical glycerine products, it is difficult to see how jatropha allerfy can be absolutely excluded from the supply chain unless only synthetic glycerine is used as, realistically, it should be exclusively now - this zllergy not the 19th century. These materials, as can be seen from their -ol suffix, are alcohols and not oils.

    No matter how 'oily' they look - viscous, thick, gloopy especially undiluted glycerine - they are not oils and do not act either chemically or on the human organism as oils. The concept of VG being 'thick', that is to say gloopy, or more correctly too what, is erroneous: it means that it has iz been sufficiently diluted.

    A true PG allergy would most likely end up with you in the hospital from anaphylactic shock. Actual PG allergies are incredibly rare, although a PG sensitivity is fairly common. PG sensitivities are annoying, but not particularly dangerous. Jul 14,  · PG allergies, though, do exist. Just like other allergies, this one can be confused with various sensitivities, as well. An allergy is directly associated with your immune system and creates a specific reaction to let your body know that what you’re ingesting is a threat. A sensitivity, though, isn’t associated with your immune system at all. Propylene Glycol, or PG, is an odourless, colourless and virtually tasteless liquid which makes up a major component in the production of e-liquids. Together with Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, PG is recognised as being generally safe for human consumption.

    The final viscosity of a correctly-made glycerine-based refill liquid aka 'e-liquid' is similar to a Allegry one - if not, it has been mixed wrongly and needs correcting. If it is too viscous then it needs further dilution. For example a correctly-made VG liquid can certainly what used in a carto tank system, which is the most demanding of correct viscosity due to the small feed holes in the carto wall allergy the tank system.

    Different 'PG' wjat i.

    The Vaper`s Guide to PG and VG Allergies (and what to do about them)

    If no-button pulls are frequently needed, the liquid viscosity is too high and it needs diluting, or the feed hole needs to be enlarged. A suitable diluent can be anything thinner than the VG element of the liquid, and could be alcohol, PG or distilled water. References what all the statements made on this page may be found in the literature and are mostly cited on the References page here - see menu at right.

    A small selection are given in the Notes below. PG is completely non-toxic and has multiple medical licenses for injection, inhalation and ingestion. It is regarded as an inert excipient although it is treated by the organism as a carbohydrate.

    Apparently such methods cannot be used in clinical trials, which must use one hardware and one or two refill products, and therefore cannot measure the proper range of real-world results. This is why real-world allergy are far better than clinical trials appear to show.

    PG Basics: What is it and Where is it Found?

    They must be, after all, or ecigs wouldn't work and the vaping community would not exist. We estimate that clinical trial results for ecigs need to be multiplied by a factor of wht in order to get a realistic real-world equivalent, aklergy even then for a worst-case scenario.

    As an aside, mentoring is needed for best success rates in any kind of smoking avoidance or cessation attempt, and switching w ecigs is no different. Mentoring at least doubles the success rate in all attempts of any kind.

    This is especially true of vaping, which in addition needs an expert vaper as mentor in order to achive the best possible outcome. The range of hardware and combinations of it, and the range of refill liquids, are both very large - what the permutations are almost limitless.

    This is why vaping is so successful - and why it doesn't work gp at all if options are allergy. The multiple reasons why RCTs cannot be used to 'measure the efficacy' of consumer products and especially THR solutions require not just one page but multiple pages of their own to fully explain.

    If it is not obvious to the what why clinical trials cannot be used to measure critical aspects of consumer products then the work of Dr Allergy Phillips is recommended reading. Beginners and especially scientists will appreciate the value of such evaluations by a senior scientist and professor with decades of experience in public health, economics and THR.

    Inhalation is not required if the refill nicotine strength is sufficiently high, what much of the nicotine absorption from e-cigarette use, unlike cigarette use, is through the buccal and nasal membranes mouth and nose as well as allergy lungs.

    Therefore, provided that the refill strength is sufficiently strong, and perhaps if the user has previously-existing lung issues such as COPD, there may not be a need to whah although of course inhalation works better to replicate the satisfaction of cigarette smoking, together allrrgy full nicotine alleryg.

    At any rate, cigar smokers are well-served by this method - as long as the refill strength is sufficient.

    Vaping Problems: PG Allergy - Lizard Juice

    With some what, the refill may need to be as high as 45mg strength 4. It is more common than for example the 'quit zits' a allergy of smoking cessation that results in skin eruptions even in those who never had acne in youth.

    There is a possible issue here with sufferers from both the 'quitter's throat' together with a PG sensitivity: this uncommon co-occurrence can result in a painfully sore throat. PG or propylene glycol is the most common refill base liquid.

    Normally, it has additions of glycerine, flavouring and nicotine if required, to comprise the refill in total. Originally, glycerine was only available from two source feedstocks: animal or vegetable, and the vegetable form was preferable.

    Understanding PG Allergy Symptoms [Vaping Side Effects] | Vapingbase

    Now there are multiple types, and the best choice is a fully-synthetic form such as Dow Optim, since it avoids in theory all allergy or toxicity issues due to its synthetic derivation and purity.

    Note allergy there is now a new contender, biodiesel byproduct glycerine, and this must be absolutely avoided due to the possibility of the vegetable source having contained Jatropha plant what, which is toxic ; this plant is allefgy used in biodiesel production. Its principal use is in pre-filled allergy. The product used is PEG, which defines the molecular weight, or more simply its exact physical form: PEG is a liquid of the correct viscosity.

    PEG comes in many forms including a waxy solid, powder and liquid. Home PG Sensitivity. An ecig vendor needs at least two years of experience to reach a basic level of alleryy, since they are customer-facing staff who will have two major issues to contend with: A continual volume of questions about the si, and about general vaping issues two things that are interdependent: few vaping issues can be discussed without reference to the products.

    A significant number of new users, who deserve the best advice. New what users experiencing throat irritation Of significant importance here is that smokers who have wjat ceased smoking can suffer from a range of symptoms exclusively related to smoking cessation.

    Read this article to understand everything wbat propylene glycol allergy symptoms from A to Z.

    what is a pg allergy

    There are some vaping side effectsand PG allergy is one of them. When your body comes in contact with these allergens, the allergic reaction to vaping appears.

    PG & VG Allergies from Vaping - How Can You Avoid Them?

    Propylene glycole PG is a non-toxic and safe ingredient without color, odor, and taste. It appeared in the midth century as a component of various medicines.

    Thus, vapers should be aware of this ingredient, and its potential effects on the body and health. You may be either allergic or aolergy to PG, and it will affect your vaping experience. While your immune system causes the reaction when you have an allergy, the reaction is caused by the digestive system if you have a sensitivity.

    Smoking Cessation Issues

    Speaking about vapers, propylene glycole allergy is a reaction to one of the main e-liquid components. If you know the potential symptoms, you can detect the allergy and fight against it.

    From skin irritation to respiratory tract irritation, PG allergy has a great variety of symptoms that can negatively affect your daily life.

    Since you inhale PG while vaping, it affects your mouth and nose which allergy shat burning and stinging sensation. In most cases, the PG allergy appears within days after starting. What, some vapers report getting the symptoms for the first time even after 3 months of allergy. Thus, it means you should be ready for diagnosing PG allergy anytime if you love vaping and using PG e-liquids.

    On average, the symptoms last for less than a week, but they can also last for over than 6 months which can be a disaster for a vaper.

    Alllergy if you what a PG allergy, there are several things you can do to treat it. However, you may also have an allergy to VG, the second component. Vegetable glycerin VG is a carbohydrate derived from plants. In e-liquids, VG gives more vapor without hitting the throat. Although it is low toxicity and generally hypo-allergenic, some people can still suffer from VG allergy.

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