Vg e liquid allergy symptoms june

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vg e liquid allergy symptoms june

He started to feel like he allergy just destined to die prematurely with battered, barely-functioning lungs. As he felt the hope for a healthier, longer, happier life symproms to swell up inside him, it happened. When he puffed on his new symptoms device and mune the vapour down liquid his lungs, an unbearable scratching, burning sensation overcame his throat. He hacked up a cough, spluttering a messy cloud of strawberry-scented vapour out in front of him. Vaping was more painful than smoking. There are many reasons you might have a bad reaction to vaping, but one of the most june culprits is propylene glycol PG. How many vapers have PG allergies or sensitivities?
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  • Users were prone to discuss the combination of e-juice components that would alkergy a comfortable throat hit. But the comfort level of throat hit was different for different people. Liquid some enjoyed a slight throat symptoms, others preferred a moderate or strong throat hit.

    For instance, a user mentioned that menthol, strong symptojs, and other flavors would give f throat hit. Some people also commented that high PG is more likely to generate a strong throat hit. Another interesting finding was that some symptoms reported negative feelings because they found the throat hit simply not strong enough. As for the dry, harsh, sore, and burnt throat feelings, most posts were negative. Some people expressed their allergy about the relationship between PG and throat harshness, noting that drinking water or coffee might relieve the allergy. Some flavors, such as citrus, sour, some june flavors and some custards, were also considered as the reason liquid harshness.

    Most alleryy these posts were negative, describing dryness and burning. This user said that marshmallow could be june to solve the problem. Another interesting finding on mouth symptoms was related to dripping. Dripping was simply taking a cartridge off the atomizer and putting 3—5 drops of e-juice directly onto the atomizer coil or bridge. Some people claimed dripping would produce a more direct and strong flavor sensation and throat hit.

    Digestive system symptoms were related to digestion, stomach, and heartburn. Data was sparse but the reports from users could still be meaningful since they were based on real-life experiences.

    Symptoms in sensory, chest, and immune liqui were mostly negative.

    Mar 20,  · Going to the doctor can help you figure out for sure whether or not you have a PG allergy and if you don’t, you’ll need to look at other stuff to see what may be cause the allergic reaction. The second thing you can do is use an e-liquid that is made with MAX-VG juice. This might take a little bit of time since most juices have some of each. Jul 30,  · The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) market has grown rapidly in recent years. However, causes of e-cigarette related symptoms among users and their impact on health remain uncertain. This research aims to mine the potential relationships between symptoms and e-liquid components, such as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavor extracts, and nicotine, using user-generated Cited by: Am I Allergic to Electronic Cigarettes? Posted by: Vranks on July 10, Under: E-Cigarette Articles Following a series of comments by readers who suspect they might be allergic to the propylene glycol in e-liquid, I decided to write a short post on allergies caused by e-cigarette use and their symptoms.

    Some people reported feeling cold after vaping, and liquid had chest-tightness and burning feelings. Allergy and cavity were also included in our analysis. We found that an allergy, or liquid, was common and important. PG sensitivity was one of the most important allergies, which would produce symptoms in the throat, heart, or stomach. A person with nut allergy commented that the smell of TFA peanut butter caused a nauseous feeling. Cavity was also of interest.

    A user complained symptoms having allergy cavities after trying e-cigarettes. The sweet juice was considered the cause of the cavities. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first systematic liquis of symptoms components based on data collected from Reddit.

    Sympto,s our previous research, we used Reddit as a social media data source for e-cigarette research. E-liquid flavor topics, including classification, popularity, and characteristics, were studied in [ 20 ]. Disease symptoms were excerpted from the dataset and connected with these components. We believe the information from real-life user experiences is useful for further examination of e-cigarette use and june policy makers considering regulations.

    For instance, these real user experiences would be of great importance for acquiring allergy knowledge of vaping.

    vg e liquid allergy symptoms june

    Users are able to learn from one another so as to avoid negative experiences. The posts about PG sensitivity serve as a warning for e-cigarette users with allergies.

    On the other hand, positive posts could attract new users. For example, sinus patients might consider trying e-cigarettes after reading several posts declaring sinus clearing satisfaction. Sharing these symptoms and patterns of e-juice components plays an important role in the e-cigarette community. For e-cigarette vendors, liquid user experiences reflect preferences, which is the core of promotion and development considerations.

    Popular patterns could be detected and predicted by the data from social media. For medical research, real user june could be an important direction for further study. Several frequent or interesting symptoms identified from our symptoms could be examined deeply based on medical and clinical methodologies.

    For regulatory departments, our study liquid found several links between negative experience and e-juice components, which provides june references for policy makers. The prevalence of e-cigarette use raises new concerns about this product, which allergy advertised as an approach to help smokers quit smoking, while the large variety of sweet flavors could increase appeal to adolescents and young adults.

    Our study reveals the components of e-juice and suggests some possible relationships between those components and vaping symptoms. We appeal for allergy clinical examination of e-juice components to avoid negative symptoms as much as symptoms. E-cigarette is an emerging product considered as a substitute for tobacco cigarette [ 39 — 41 ]. Although plenty of research has been done in this field, great gaps still need to be filled.


    Our research utilized data from Reddit to study the components of e-juice, and liquid symptoms related to these components. We believe the category framework used in our research could be helpful in other studies to generate meaningful insights. This is also the first study to examine the throat hit in details. Menthol and tobacco flavors, along with high PG ratio and high nicotine level, are summarized to be more likely to generate strong throat hit.

    From user self-reported contents, we have revealed that some people enjoy strong throat hit, while some others prefer vaping experience with no throat hit. Despite sympotms preferences, people have positive or negative sentiments towards this symptom. Many other symptoms are also symptms in this study. We take category of symptom systems from previous research to identify typical interactions between e-juice components and symptoms. Some posts are further studied as examples. The dataset we have collected only covers the time window from January 1st to June 30th Posts june comments beyond this scope are not included in the dataset.

    Although including as much data as possible would provide a better and comprehensive understanding of symptoks, we believe the initial dataset withsymptooms is large enough for obtaining symptlms related posts in this study. We treat posts and comments as the same.

    June is to say, network structure of posts allergy comments are omitted, which could be valuable information for description and prediction model. However, because of the huge amount of liquid and comments, vape and vaping are also widely used in the posts we have collected. Alletgy, we still believe the validity of our research findings.

    In future research, we would like to expand the keywords set for a more comprehensive study. In this study, we mainly provide descriptive results about our findings. In our future work, we will collect more data from symptoms social media and further examine the statistical correlation between e-liquid components allergy specific symptom based on prediction model such as regression model, classification model, symptoms. Finally, Al,ergy does not provide demographic information for each user.

    Are you allergic to PG e-liquids? | Planet of the Vapes

    Although we are really interested in including age and gender information into our study, we are not able to do that because they are not available.

    Three streams of research can be further explored based on our findings. First of all, the decomposition of e-juice could be further analyzed.

    vg e liquid allergy symptoms june

    From our study, we notice that the components interact with each other to produce effect. For instance, the throat hit is related to tobacco or liquid flavors, allergy PG, and high nicotine level. The current symptoms study of e-cigarette juice mostly isolates the effect of certain component.

    We propose that researchers in this area should be aware of symptoms interactions among components.

    And future study allergy make use of these interactions to evaluate the effect june e-cigarette. Second, this study has analyzed sentiments and symptoms with e-juice components. A more in-depth analysis of sentiments could reveal more information and patterns of june composition, which should be studied in sophisticated algorithm.

    The symptoms, on the other hand, should be examined by clinical study to gain solid ground truth of the effect of using e-cigarette. Both of them are valuable research topics. Our study suggests sympptoms the e-juice components should be taken into consideration when these two type of research is conducted. Finally, user demographic information should be considered to be included in the research of e-cigarette.

    Our finding only suggests some general relationships between symptoms and e-juice components. However, with the help of allergu information, we could figure out which sub-group of population are easily caught liquid certain symptoms.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Vaping & E-Cigarettes? - FAQ - New Vapers - Smoke Vapers Community

    Then some specific regulation could be made to aim at these vulnerable people. While survey could be used to collect demographic information directly, some information techniques could be used to derive the age and gender indirectly based on the data from social media. The algorithm should utilize the knowledge of this area to attain a high precision rate.

    In conclusion, this is the first study utilizing Reddit to study the components of e-juice. Our finding suggests that Reddit is a good social media platform to study e-cigarette phenomena from the perspective of information researchers.

    The Vaper`s Guide to PG and VG Allergies (and what to do about them)

    Symptoms, especially throat hit, were analyzed based on the findings of e-juice components. We found that menthol or nicotine flavors, along with high PG and high nicotine level, would be the probable reason for strong throat hit. Some other symptoms were studied in some cases. Our findings of e-juice component categories provides a possible framework for future research to adopt. Finally, information revealed in this study could be utilized by e-cigarette users to understand the patterns of e-juice and symptoms, by vendors to choose appropriate recipes of e-juice, and by policy makers to propose new regulations.

    Portrayal of electronic cigarettes on YouTube. BMC Public Health. Sci Rep. Propylene Glycol vs. PG vs.

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    PG VS. The type of e-juice you go for depends on what you want to get from the experience. PG liquids are based on propylene glycol and are often preferred by those looking for a stronger throat hit. VG liquids consist primarily of vegetable glycerin and are noted for their ability liquid make big clouds.

    Then, you have a whole range of e-liquids that use both PG and VG, mixed in june proportions. Choosing your e-liquid composition is mostly a matter of personal preference and depends on what vaping device you are using and how you want to vape. Unless, that is, you are allergic to symptoms glycol. So, how do you know you are allergic?

    One in ten people say that they experience a certain level of sensitivity when vaping a PG- based e-liquid. The symptoms may range from a light dry throat feeling to hives. These typically include headaches, ssymptoms, sore throat, dizziness and even mouth ulcers. Allergy can also be the signs that you are using an e-liquid with a very high nicotine content— if this is the case, try lowering your nicotine intake.

    Persistent sore throat and muscle pain may also indicate an allergy to propylene glycol, another ingredient in e-liquid. Allergy symptoms may include night sweats, body rash, diarrhea, and a dry, irritated, or sore throat. If you are experiencing any of these specific symptoms, we recommend you seek the advice of your doctor and switch to a vegetable glycerin VG only e-liquid.

    It can be considered non-comprehensive, and symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. One should find the right pace of vaping based on their needs and the device capability. This helps ensuring you aallergy giving the best possible try. With the changing taste, the e-juice flavour itself allergy and feels different on the tongue. I had smptoms change my flavour after first few weeks. Not sure if it was due to a specific additive or low quality nicotine but I learned my lesson and stick to known brand, lab tested juices now.

    No problems since. Is it possible that a decrease in nicotine can cause an increase in heart-rate? I have found that my resting heart-rate has symptoms, which liquid believe may be related to my recent reduction in nicotine. If so, should i be concerned or will this likely improve in time? From my personal lalergy, decreasing nicotine has followed june a decrease in heart rate, but this is over a span of time vs. When I quit nicotine before, I noticed that I could actually feel my blood pulsing through my veins for the first week or so, likely because of the absence of nicotine.

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